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what we are all about


our mission

Enabling young adults worldwide with no, or limited, access to education, an opportunity to learn practical digital skills to broaden their future perspectives towards a sustainable income.

our vision

By sharing specific and focussed knowledge freely, our students can have job alternatives in the ever-expanding domain of the digital economy otherwise not easily available or within reach.

our goals

• Provide free accessible training
• Broaden future perspectives
• Creating a sense of purpose
• Teaching make-ability and creativity
• Stimulating personal growth

Sustainable Development Goals we aim for


our boost camps

// what


Storytelling with a smartphone

Video content is becoming so important to tell a story and with YouTube’s estimates of around 300 hours of video being uploaded every minute, we need to teach how to build up a story visually.


We teach about the “who, what, why, where, and when”, this skill is so important and widely applicable. From telling a story, helping a local entrepreneur focus on their business case, writing for a local website or paper to preparing oneself for a job interview.

// how


Filming skills

We teach how to use a smartphone camera, how angles and frames work, why light is so important, how sound works and how to make a basic edit.

Teachers & mentors

A boost camp consists of different groups of guest teachers and coaches. Every trip we invite different industry professionals to come with us. Our boost camps take place at very remote and local areas you won’t easily find as a traveller. You pay for your flight, we cover your stay.

// then



During our boost camps we teach young adults between the ages of 14 and 20 how to tell their personal stories through a fixed template. This allows us to edit the footage back home and create real local stories about real local people.


We will publish these stories through as many platforms as we can find. Through or network of NGO’s and professionals we set out to amplify their stories and give a real insight to rural and local life.

an experience of a lifetime

are you a creative professional?

join one of our camps for a lifetime experience. We take you out to some great destinations and offer you a chance to teach everything around your specific skill to those who really depend on it.

our locations

Currently we are setting up our first ever boost camp. Be sure to keep an eye on this page so you can team up with us. India, Nepal, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Kenia or Uganda it will be a great experience!

funding opportunities and giving support

Supporting us financially

As our core business is delivering free digital expertise, we do require funding from governments, corporates and individuals. We believe in financial independence, to achieve this we have set up two programs that we offer as a quid pro quo service. Bringing expertise to the sponsor and financial means to DBC.

corporate program

Through joining our corporate program, we will train your staff in small groups. Learning to produce video content, teaching about interviewing and organising Business Model Canvassing sessions.

small business program

Becoming a small business partner, we will deliver a full day of training for your staff around one of our three focus areas;
Interviewing, video production or Business Model Canvassing

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